Hybrid events: Flexible and accessible worldwide

The hybrid event has become increasingly important in times of the corona pandemic, as it represents a flexible and globally accessible alternative to purely face-to-face events. But what does “hybrid” actually mean? A hybrid event takes place in a physical location, while the participants do not necessarily have to be in that location. These can be spectators who, in addition to the opportunity to participate personally on site, are also offered the option of digital participation in the event. A live transmission as a live stream is the simplest variant. Depending on the ideas and wishes of the organizer, the spectators can also be interactively involved in the hybrid event, for example by sending questions or feedback on the event or by taking part in surveys. There are many more options, including live connections for Q&As.
We would be happy to advise you specifically on your ideas and wishes for hybrid events.

Additional possibilities through hybrid implementation of events

However, the hybrid implementation of an event can also affect the speakers, interview guests or other program designers. These do not necessarily have to be on site in order to be present for the viewer. There are various ways of connecting people to an event using professional hardware and software solutions. Or to offer the viewers a digital opportunity to exchange ideas with the presenter in person after a keynote speech parallel to the event.

Hybrid event - the planning

If you would like to plan a hybrid event, we offer you comprehensive services. We advise you on the implementation of hybrid events and plan and implement them technically. We also provide you with an online infrastructure for hybrid events, such as a GDPR-compliant live stream player and server, software for interactivity and portal solutions for viewers via partners.

Hybrid event - the advantages

The advantages of a hybrid event are obvious. You have more flexibility and security when planning your event. If there are legal requirements on the day of the event that do not allow all viewers to be there in person, you have a digital alternative ready for your viewers. In addition, a hybrid event gives you greater reach, since your viewers can participate from anywhere in the world via their smartphone, tablet or PC. Costs can also be saved because not all speakers, spectators and guests have to be on site. This leads to a smaller size of the event location as well as lower costs for travel, accommodation and meals.

Other advantages of the hybrid event are:

Increase viewer interactivity and engagement by engaging
digital tools such as surveys, chats or live questions
Ability to record and reuse the event for later on-demand streaming or archiving purposes
Reduction of environmental impact by avoiding unnecessary travel and events at different locations
To ensure an interactive experience for all participants, we integrate live questions, polls and discussions during the conference according to your wishes. In addition, all remote participants can be switched individually to screens in the hall.
Greater flexibility in designing the event program thanks to the possibility of different
Combining content and formats in a hybrid event, e.g. keynotes, panels, workshops, networking sessions and more.

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