Hybrid conferences: The perfect combination of virtual and on-site exchange.

Hybrid conferences

The Changing World - Hybrid Conference

Today, conferences and events are an important part of business life. Because they offer the opportunity to gain new knowledge, build networks and exchange ideas with other like-minded people. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we run events. As physical events have not always been possible, hybrid conferences have become more important. As a result, hybrid conferences will continue to play a major role in the future.

cost effectiveness
Hybrid conferencing can also be more cost effective than traditional conferencing. You don't need expensive venues, catering or travel expenses for attendees.
Expanded Audience
Hybrid conferences allow attendees from all over the world to attend the event without incurring the expense and time of travel. This means that you save costs and may also agree to speakers who otherwise would not be able to set up the appointment.
Hybrid conferencing also offers some flexibility for participants. They can attend the event without having to interfere with their work or schedule.
Hybrid conferencing provides an interactive experience for attendees. You can ask live questions, conduct polls, and participate in discussions, resulting in an interactive and engaging event.

IFBBW - Your professional company for hybrid conferences

ifbbw - Experts in planning hybrid conferences: This is how we make your event a success

The Institute for Image Movement specializes in organizing hybrid conferences. If you want to get an overview of which hybrid events we have already realized, you will find an overview at: projects. Below are some key steps to consider when planning a hybrid conference:

Determining the goal and theme of the conference:
Before we start planning, let's make sure we understand the goal and theme of the conference. This allows us to ensure that our planning is tailored to the needs and expectations of the participants.
Choosing the right venue:
We support you in choosing the ideal venue for your hybrid conference and ensure that it meets the requirements. We pay attention to technical details so that you can concentrate fully on the content of your conference.
Reliable technology:
In hybrid conferencing, seamless technology is essential. We ensure that all cameras, microphones and speakers work properly and that a stable internet connection is available.
Promotion of interaction:
To ensure an interactive experience for all participants, we integrate live questions, polls and discussions during the conference according to your wishes. In addition, all remote participants can be switched individually to screens in the hall.
Furthermore, we are happy to take over post-production and uploading to your various channels after the conference is over. Feel free to contact us about this topic.

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