As a streaming operator, you are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the live streaming process run smoothly. They ensure that the broadcast goes live and runs without interruptions. They monitor the image and sound quality and ensure that all elements of the stream are embedded correctly.

In order to be successful as a streaming operator, you must have in-depth knowledge of using streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch or Facebook. You should also have experience using cameras and audio equipment as you will be required to work with them on occasion.

Another important part of your role is making sure the live stream starts and ends on time. They should be able to manage the stream's schedule and ensure viewers are notified if changes are made to the schedule.

In this position you will also be responsible for interacting with viewers, eg by moderating chat channels or answering questions asked during the stream. It is important that you have a positive attitude and are able to keep calm even in stressful situations.

In summary, the most important tasks of a streaming operator are to ensure a smooth transmission, monitor the quality of the image and sound, manage the schedule and interact with the audience. If you have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform these tasks successfully, then the streaming operator role might be for you.