OB truck production and live stream from Chemnitz to 35 internet platforms

At the concert against right-wing violence, ifbbw was on site as the service provider for the video production and all live streams from Chemnitz. In total, the broadcast was shared to 35 platforms/social media accounts/websites simultaneously. Among other things, we used the production to test professional Instagram live streams for the first time. The streaming to Instagram was so well received that even the Tagesschau contacted us at short notice to ask if we could also stream the concert to their Instagram account. Could we!

Instagram live streams for artist accounts

The concert was initiated by the band Kraftklub. In addition to the Chemnitz band, artists such as Toten Hosen, Trettmann and Marteria & Casper quickly agreed to perform at the concert. ifbbw also provided the artists' Instagram accounts with live streams so that as many people as possible could watch the concert. A total of almost 200,000 viewers followed the live broadcast at the peak.

Drone and cable camera in action

In addition to broadcasting the live stream, ifbbw was also responsible for the entire on-site video production. In addition to five classic broadcast cameras, a drone with live images and a cable camera were also used here.

Institute for Image Movement:
  • outside broadcast van
  • 7 camera production
  • picture direction
  • recording manager
  • worldwide distribution (satellite & live streams)
  • Drone with live integration in video direction
  • rope camera


  • Premiere: first professional Instagram live streaming into the accounts of:
    • The dead trousers
    • power club
    • daily News
    • Trettman
    • Marteria
    • Casper
    • KIZ
    • we are more
    • Various Youtube & Facebook live streams
    • Forwarding of the stream to various customers, e.g., Arte Concerts etc...
    • Distribution via satellite
customer ZDF/Arte Concert in cooperation with Youtube
Location Chemnitz
Year 2018