Media production and live streams G7 ministerial meeting

Media technology and technical planning for hybrid G7 ministerial meeting

In June 22, the G7 Culture and Media Ministers Meeting took place in Bonn under the leadership of Claudia Roth. Under the influence of the Ukraine war and the pandemic, important questions from the areas of culture and media were discussed for a day. Due to the global situation at the time of the meeting, the event was planned in advance as a hybrid event. It was expected that not all delegations would be able to travel in person and that individual participants would have to be connected from all over the world. IFBBW was responsible for the overall technical planning as well as the media production and live streams of the G7 Ministers Meeting. Together with our partners from n-systems and Fournell show technique the entire conference technology, video technology and live streaming technology including the required staff was provided.

Interpretation in five languages for ministerial conference and go-live

One of the challenges was the communication between the ministers due to the different languages. Interpreters had to translate into five languages, and not just inside the conference room. The ministers connected live also needed interpretation and translation into their mother tongue or into English. Among others, the Ukrainian Minister of Culture and Media Oleksandr Tkachenko was invited as a guest to the meeting of the G7 ministers and connected live to the G7 meeting via video conference.

Media production and live streams of the G7 Ministerial Meeting by IFBBW

In addition, IFBBW was responsible for all media production and live streams of the G7 ministerial meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, we broadcast the arrival and greeting of the ministers by Claudia Roth as a live stream. At the end of the ministerial meeting, there was a press conference chaired by Minister Roth. IFBBW also produced the live stream of the press conference.


Institute for Image Movement
  • comprehensive technical planning of the conference and media technology
  • Live streaming of the press conference and the minister's doorstep
  • Video mixing for all monitors in the conference room
  • Live connection of ministers who could not be there
  • camera and directing technology
along with n-systems and Fournell show technique
  • sound engineering
  • display technology
  • interpreter technique
  • Light