Fruit Logistica 2019 | Image film | video teaser | media studio

In 2019, we again supported Messe Berlin with media production at the Fruit Logistica trade fair. As early as 2018, we took over the construction and operation of the media studio on site for the trade fair. This year we were also responsible for the production of teaser videos for social media use, as well as for the image film production on site.

Teaser production for social media use

In the weeks leading up to the trade fair, short 60-second teasers on various topics were produced and distributed to Fruit Logistica's social media accounts in the weeks leading up to the start of the trade fair. In this way, attention was drawn in advance to the trade fair and the interviews produced on site in the media studio. The interviews produced in the media studio were also distributed to various social media channels.

Image film production from a single source

In addition, ifbbw was on site to produce an image film. Shooting the right images, selecting the music for the film, post-processing and editing the film all came from a single source. Since the fair attracts a very international audience, the aim of the film was to communicate only with images and without language. The message: the Fruit Logistica is an innovative and informative business fair. You can watch the film in the video below.


Institute for Image Movement:
  • technical studio setup
  • Studio operation during the fair
  • Editing and social media upload (production, editing social media upload in one day)
  • Social media teaser production
  • Image film production (shooting & editing)
Location Berlin
Year 2019
client Messe Berlin GmbH