European Film Market as a virtual event / Berlinale

Due to the pandemic, the European Film Market was implemented as a virtual event for the second time in a row in 2022. But even in the virtual space, European film market (February 10th to 17th) organized countless business meetings and closed a record number of deals.

European Film Market Conference Programme

The EFM Industry Sessions complemented the European Film Market with a six-day conference program. The program took place under the motto SHAPING CHANGE. In the three core areas of Future, Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainable Development, the participants discussed, among other things, the challenges facing the film and media industry in times of digital transformation. As a result, the EFM Industry Sessions were able to provide important impetus for the common future of the industry.

Mobile studio for the European Film Market and implementation of virtual online events by ifbbw

As part of the EFM, the Institute for Image Movement was responsible for the production of the hybrid and purely digital live conferences for the second time in a row. Among other things, ifbbw set up a studio with multi-camera production at Potsdamer Platz for this purpose. Moderation took place from the EFM Studio and talk guests were added.

Video on demand production, highlight film and podcast production

In addition to various virtual online events, we were responsible for the video-on-demand processing of all EFM content. The production of the highlight film for the event and a daily podcast production were also technically implemented by ifbbw.

Institute for Image Movement:

  • technical construction and operation of the European Film Market Studio
  • European Film Market as a virtual event
  • Video On Demand production
  • Podcast production
  • Highlight film for the event
customer Berlin International Film Festival EUROPEAN FILM MARKET
Location Berlin
Year 2021 and 2022