German Jazz Prize

ifbbw implements live broadcast and livestream of the award ceremony for the 1st German Jazz Prize

In June 2021 the German jazz prize awarded for the first time as the successor to the Echo Jazz. The production took place at four locations. The Jazz Prize studio, moderated by Pinar Atalay, was located in Hamburg. In addition, three jazz clubs in Mannheim, Berlin and Munich were connected to the studio in Hamburg via live links. Interviews, artist performances and presentations also took place at the satellite locations. There was an audience in all four locations and they could follow the live broadcast on monitors and LED walls, unless the respective location was already broadcasting. For the live stream of the awards ceremony, ifbbw Institute for Image Movement linked all four locations (Hamburg, Mannheim, Berlin, Munich) via live stream.

Nominees switched live due to the pandemic

Due to the pandemic situation, it was not possible to personally welcome all nominees and award winners at one of the four locations. For this reason, all nominees who did not have a musical performance as part of the program were integrated into the program via a live switch. The congratulations reached the winners digitally.

Laudation by Max Mutzke, congratulations by Herbie Hancock

The German singer Max Mutzke was one of the speakers at the event. The varied award ceremony ended with the award for the life's work for concert organizer Karsten Jahnke. To the great surprise of the audience, jazz legend Herbie Hancock from Los Angeles addressed moving words to the award winner.

ifbbw responsible for the technical production of the live broadcast

ifbbw was responsible for the productions in Mannheim, Berlin and Munich for the German Jazz Prize. We also operated the central control room in Hamburg, from which we handled all live broadcasts and generated the video mix for the live stream of the awards ceremony. We were represented at all locations with staff and technology to implement the needs of the production.

Institute for Image Movement:
  • video production Mannheim, Munich, Berlin
  • Central control Hamburg
  • Cross-site production communication
  • Handling of all live switching
  • Transmission of the broadcast to remote locations
  • Video mixing of the LED Walls in the Jazzpreis Studio Hamburg
  • Livestream of the awards ceremony
customer Initiative for Music GmbH
Location Hamburg, Berlin, Mannheim, Munich
Year 2021
client Vaterblut GmbH and Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG