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On location live stream

On location live streams are live broadcasts of events taking place on site. The event is filmed in real time and broadcast to an online audience. This can be a conference, a trade fair or a concert, for example. On location live streams make it possible for people who cannot be present in person to still attend the event. This kind of live streams is becoming more and more popular because they offer a long range and great flexibility. In addition, there are many advantages compared to conventional events. In this text you will learn everything you need to know about on location live streams and how you can use them successfully for your event.

Here are some advantages:

Authentic Experience:
On-location live streams offer the benefit of being able to deliver an authentic experience by giving viewers a sense of the actual on-site environment and atmosphere.
Involvement of viewers:
Through the live streams, viewers who cannot be there can still take part in the event and be actively involved.
Extension of range:
Live streaming greatly expands the reach of events as viewers from all over the world can participate.
Live streams offer a high degree of flexibility because they can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
On location events

ifbbw - specialists for digital video content and live transmission

If you want to use on location live streams for your event, Ifbbw is your ideal partner. We offer you comprehensive services to make your live stream transmission a success. Here are some of our services:

  • Planning and design: We plan and design your live stream transmission individually according to your needs and wishes.
  • Technical implementation: We provide the technical equipment for the live stream transmission and ensure smooth transmission.
  • Live direction: Our experienced live directors ensure professional implementation and perfect staging of your event.
  • Post-processing: We offer you extensive post-processing to provide your live stream recording in the highest quality.

With Ifbbw as a partner, nothing stands in the way of your successful on-location live stream. Feel free to contact us for individual advice and tailor-made solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What technical requirements do I need for an on-location live stream?
For an on-site live stream, you need a stable internet connection, a camera or cameras, an audio setup, live streaming software or service, and a backup solution to ensure the live stream runs smoothly. We offer everything from a single source. Do not hesitate to contact us! Together we will find the right solution for your individual requirements. With our many years of experience and our expertise, we implement your wishes professionally and purposefully.
What is live direction?
A live directing is an activity performed at live events such as concerts, television shows or sports broadcasts. The live director is responsible for making sure the live event runs smoothly and looks good for the audience at home or on location.

The live director is a kind of ``conductor`` of the live event and coordinates the work of cameramen, sound engineers, lighting technicians and other employees responsible for the production. She decides when which camera angle or which microphone is used and which images are shown to the audience.

Directing live requires a high level of technical knowledge and hands-on experience, as well as quick decision-making and flexibility in the face of unforeseen events.

How do I do an on location live stream from a remote location?
With ifbbw you can easily conduct a live stream from a remote location. We offer you the necessary equipment and know-how to ensure a smooth live stream. We check the availability of internet access on site and use appropriate technology to optimize the internet connection. With our professional live streaming service you can broadcast your message to a wide audience. Contact us today and let's run a successful live stream together from your remote location.

Additional Services

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Combine the advantages of online and face-to-face events - with our hybrid solution for a flexible and interactive event experience.
Experience your products and events live - thanks to high-quality live streams on your website and social media channels.
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