– Use video formats for corporate communication

corporate videos

Videos are now the fastest growing medium in online communication and therefore an important part of corporate communication. Companies that want to align themselves strategically and for the long term cannot avoid corporate video content. But which ones? video formats are best suited for your company and how do you reach your target group most effectively? We help you to answer these questions and support you in the production and distribution of your corporate video.

corporate videos

- Which video format is suitable?

Depending on the industry and the objectives of your company, the selection of the right video format can vary greatly. You may already have a concrete idea of what type of corporate video you need. In this case, we would be happy to advise you on the implementation and produce the content for you. However, maybe you need help in developing a suitable strategy? Here, too, we are available to advise you and recommend suitable video formats.

Formats for corporate videos

There are numerous ways in which you can use moving images to reach your target groups. Depending on whether you want to convey information or promote your brand, different video formats are suitable. Here are some examples:

video interviews
branded entertainment
Teaser videos to announce new products or events
explainer videos
Event documentation
Trade fair and event videos
Viral Videos
Recordings of discussion rounds or information events
image films
video blogs | vlog

ifbbw - your full-service provider for video communication

As a full-service provider, IFBBW accompanies you in all processes related to your video communication. We offer advice and conception in advance as well as technical implementation of filming, editing and uploading to your social media accounts. If you would like to contribute your own resources at certain points in the service chain or work together with other agencies, we will ensure that your content ultimately comes across as if it came from a single source.

Live broadcast for business

Sometimes it is important to get information quickly to your target groups. This can be your customers, but also your own employees who may be spread across different locations. Here one can Live broadcast as a stream help. We take over the entire service chain from production and online infrastructure to delivering the video to your company network or to the viewer on a PC or mobile phone.

We would be happy to advise you on your project and needs without obligation. To contact Contact us by phone or email and let us achieve your goals together.

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